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A wide range of coaching
is specialized in marriage coaching and pre marital preparation. With more than 40 years of personal marriage experience and several years of coaching experience in the Netherlands and abroad, HEARTWORK offers these opportunities:

Marriage Coaching
bulletRelationship Coaching
bulletPre Marital Coaching
bulletFamily Coaching
bulletMarriage Courses
(as a couple or group wise)
bulletPre Marital Courses
(as a couple or group wise)
bullet'Building Strong Families' Course

bulletDivorce Care (individual or group wise)

Teaching marriage courses and pre marital classes is part of the core business of HEARTWORK. Make some inquiries for the opportunities for groups of 2 – 20 couples. For a class in your church or for a church retreat we will be happy to offer you a tailor made coaching program with teaching, small group and counseling opportunities.
The cost
We do not charge sky high hourly rates but ask for an income dependent donation to our Ministry. With an average coaching session of 1,5 hours with us as a couple it will be a donation of € 25 to € 40 per session. With more intensive programs (3 day weekend program or individual day program) the requested donation will vary accordingly. Separately we charge our couples the necessary study materials on a cost to cost basis. The donation will be used amongst other to support couples who are not able to afford any form of contribution to the coaching process to still offer them an opportunity to seek for coaching through HEARTWORK. Do not have your financial situation make you refrain from seeking help in your relationship!

The first (introductory) session is always free of charge. Sessions will be held in Amersfoort, unless differently decided. When HEARTWORK is requested to work somewhere else in the country, travel expenses will be charged at € 0,35 / kilometer.

Divorce Care
We believe that God intended marriage as a life time commitment. For better, for worse. And it still happens that one of the partners takes the decision to separate and to ask for a divorce. For almost anyone this means a period of pain and mourning. There are questions about you as a person; spiritual questions; questions about the future. There may be devastation and a feeling of hopelessness. With our “Divorce Care’ program HEARTWORK will offer a listening ear and be a direction giver for people who are experiencing a divorce. (To make sure: we do not assist you with your divorce but help you to face the emotional consequences.)

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