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HEARTWORK helps couples with challenges in the relationship. Building strong relationships is only possible if you are prepared to invest in that relationship: by committing time to it, by respecting your partner and by being open and transparent. We are available to support you working on the relationship by walking up with you through these challenges. As a couple you will discover the Biblical insights and truths for relationships and you will find new ways to handle relational issues. To reach this goal both of you will face a lot of hard work! That’s why our ministry is called HEARTWORK; it is about the heart, but maintaining a relationship also demands hard work from both of you. Read more
Helma en Bram de Blouw

HEARTWORK   ///   Helma & Bram de Blouw   ///   Galjoen   13   ///   3863 EM Nijkerk   ///   the Netherlands    ///   e-mail: info@heartworkcoaching.nl